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Guard It- Graffiti Shield

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GuardIT® Graffiti Shield is an environmentally responsible, penetrating, water based, high performance anti graffiti coating. Graffiti Shield is an invisible protective coating specifically designed for porous surfaces from being defaced by graffiti. Ideally used for the protection of concrete infrastructure, sandstone, terracotta, bricks, natural stone and masonry surfaces.

Reasons to choose Graffiti Shield

- Cost effective, long lasting

- Single pack, water based

- Invisible protection

- Non-toxic, non-hazardous

- Non-sacrificial coating

- Anti-carbonation & salt attack protection

- Simple & easy application

- Easy graffiti removal

Durable Protection

GuardIt Graffiti Shield® is highly resistant to most types of aerosol spray paint and permanent markers, as well as dirt, chewing gum, oil, soot and pollution. Surfaces protected with GuardIt Graffiti Shield® prevent the adhesion of graffiti and makes removal of paints and permanent markers so much easier. The invisible finish is highly abrasion resistant and will not yellow with age. It’s suitable for internal and external substrates including walls, concrete, and all masonry surfaces


It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable and UV light resistant. It provides a tough barrier against the effects of paints, permanent markers, aerosol spray paints, ink, etc., without changing the colour, look or texture of the surface. Once

applied and allowed to cure, GuardIt Graffiti Shield® leaves a tough, durable, protective finish.



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