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Collection: Hide Skimmer Lids & Drain Covers

Compliment your outdoor pool paving and coping with a HIDE Skimmer Lids. 


HIDE lids can be installed both in new landscapes, or retrofitted in existing outdoor areas. They are designed for quick (and affordable) installation by a contractor, and each HIDE kit contains all the components for a no-fuss install.  The only thing left to do is to choose your inlay!

These lids comply with Australian Standard AS1926.3-2010 Swimming Pool Safety – Water Reticulation Systems required for skimmer box lid certification. Child proof with no weight requirement.  Ventilation within the Australian Standards and is available in five depths to suit 10 mm to 40 mm inlay material thickness.
Each Kit includes:  
  • Hide Tray
  • Edge Protector
  • Safety Key
  • Adhesive
  • Height Adjuster
  • Inlay Lid
  • Documents
Stock Sizes
  • HSL342-10 Lid to suit 10 to 12 mm inlay material
  • HSL342-15 Lid to suit 12 to 15 mm inlay material
  • HSL342-20 Lid to suit 15 to 20 mm inlay material
  • HSL342-30 Lid to suit 20 to 30 mm inlay material
  • HSL342-40 Lid to suit 30 to 40 mm inlay material
  • HDC314-10 Drain cover to suit 8 to 11 mm inlay material
  • HDC314-20 Drain cover to suit 15 to 22 mm inlay material
  • HDC314-30 Drain cover to suit 25 to 32 mm inlay material
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