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Guard It- Dense All Stone Sealer - eStone Direct

Guard It- Dense All Stone Sealer

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GuardIT® Dense All-Stone Sealer is an environmentally responsible, penetrating, water based, high performance protective sealer. Dense All-Stone provides an invisible coating designed to protect dense surfaces from oil, mould and water stains. Ideally used for the protection of marble, granite, terrazzo and all other dense substrates.

Reasons to choose Dense All-Stone Sealer

- Deeply penetrates dense substrates

- Natural & invisible in appearance

- Protects against water & oil stains

- Non-hazardous,  non-toxic

- Water based, no odour, no VOC

- Does not alter slip code rating

- Easy, simple application

- Long lasting protection

Available in 1, 5, 20 and 1,000 litre containers. 



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